Why is Cloud storage more secure for


Moving to the cloud is convenient for most businesses, a premium for most businesses that are cheaper than keeping physical servers for storage. But what are the benefits? Managing servers are usually an area people specialise in, hiring people to maintain, secure, backup and encrypt on information or data on any set of servers should only be necessary for multi-billion dollar businesses that require an unbelievable amount of storage.

1. Layered and backed-up data

Most reliable Cloud services don’t keep all your data on one server, it’s just as easy for a server to fail due to some easy minor technical issue as ever. Keeping your data on multiple servers is a quintessential element serious and secure business use as extra layer of security, and without it you can risk angry customers, hundreds of hours of lost work, confusion and ultimately create an unprofessional relationship with whoever uses your service.

2. Professional Security Software and the best possible firewalls

Not only do you need people who specialise in data storage to setup servers, but without the right security software and firewalls in place any form of data storage is pointless. Having a third party storage centre that is secure and managed by professionals eliminates risks of malware holding your data for ransom. A common mistake business owner’s make is downloading programs that appear to be something else, a lot of people who have a high skill level when it comes to manipulating websites and programs to look like a harmless software most businesses use, when sometimes they can be virus’ that specifically target data centres on your Wi-Fi. When using cloud server’s security software and functions are implemented to stop anything like it from happening, while it’s possible to also secure personal servers on your network from being damaged by one computer’s virus, it once again requires expensive third party assistance which cloud servers would already have.

3. Third Party advanced Security testing

When making a secure server, you need to think through the mind of a hacker. Considering what is the best way to steal data from server and getting professionals to test it is the best way to find loopholes and areas overlooked. Companies who offer cloud services always hire third party white hat hacking services to test the security, meaning any hacker who could get into the servers would have to find a way through that a company with trained professionals and millions of dollars in hardware couldn’t.

4. Encrypted Data

Encryption is a process that uses any formula specific to the provider that usually disguises passwords. Essentially what this does is even if a hacker got into the servers and saw all the information stored there it wouldn’t be any use to them without knowing how they were scrambled. Whenever information is taking or inserted with the correct authority from the server it runs gets scrambled or unscrambled, a foolproof method used by Google, Amazon, and Microsoft for all of their data.