3 Reasons why website builders aren’t making your
business Convert


The convenience and value of a drag and drop website builder makes it suspiciously quick to create a ‘professional’ website, why might they be a bad idea?

1. Restricted Customizability

Usually after a minute of looking around and browsing different pages of a website it’s easy to tell whether it was made by a common drag and drop website builder or with hard work and a few of the main 4 website coding languages (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP). That’s because many of these developing coding languages let you implement cool and unique animations or features that most websites don’t have, like interactive 3D models, text that types itself, content loading in as the user scrolls and much, much more. Some website builders will let you implement small sections of coding, but it’s very hard to edit and perfect with the built-in functions and third party tags in the code that make the website easy to build. Have a look at Apple’s website, every inch you scroll something is happening on the screen, showing off their product from a different angle or making words pop out in front of you, through a custom website you can make whatever you’re selling look 10 times better than it does in person.

2. Common templates re-used

Websites are developing fast, the graphic design, format and adjustability of each page looks better every time. How do you keep up? Well, it’s common knowledge when you’re competing with a lot of people who have a common goal you need to do something different. Most companies would consider their website as the main first impression people get when just finding out about them, so it goes without saying make your website stand out. If you’re using a template from a web builder, chances are there is somewhere between 10-100,000 other people using the same template. Although your websites may have different colours, be selling different things, different content and even a different format it still isn’t hard for a customer to notice when you didn’t put much effort into a website.

3. Not everything in a Drag-n-Drop website looks specific to your Business

When you use a template or use prebuilt sections to start creating your own website it might seem just too easy, but when you build a website from the ground up using code every minor detail is catered for and it shows in the final product. Making a website from a template is like renovating a house. Some parts of a renovated house look new however the old house is still there. And like a renovated house, when people visit your website they’ll notice which parts you made, and which parts are from some common website template. Then similar to a brand new house built from scratch, a brand new website built without a template or sections coded by someone else will look modern and appealing, welcoming visitors and showing what you have on offer in a unique plus appealing style.