How important is SEO for success?


Search Engine Optimisation define a Website’s ranking in the hundreds of thousands of results Google can find relative to a keyword. These results are never random, Google made it’s success from becoming one of the most accurate search engines giving users the answers they wanted when searching keywords or phrases.

If you know how to do SEO better than most of your competitors, you’ll find a lot of free marketing from Google. You can’t fake being relevant to keywords, when a user wants to search something and they don’t find what they want, Google recognises that and any website that isn’t get clicks will ultimately get shoved into the rabbit hole of unnecessary and irrelevant websites. Having a good SEO ranking shows how you’re a genuine and authentic website.

Having a good SEO ranking is very important

Being at the top of Google makes people who are searching common and popular phrases, questions, keywords, etc trust your service. But is a little bit of trust from your customers worth the effort? Well, according to (own by the ACCC) Australian’s have lost over $63 Million to online scams, so people who come across your website are more than likely looking for a reason to trust your website before they trust your website. SEO also works as free marketing, putting yourself on the front page of Google increase your exposure drastically, as only a very small percentage of searchers will dare to visit even the second page of results for whatever they’re searching.

What makes having a perfect SEO better than other marketing tools?

On most platforms content isn’t hard to distinguish between what’s an ad and what isn’t, but SEO is Googles form of a Viral video. It might sound like two completely different things, but when you break it down the criteria that makes a video viral and a high ranking SEO is surprisingly similar. Firstly, when a viral video is first published it has something that’s different to other pieces of content, for example, if it’s a funny video it has a special element that users like, and when people who come across the video see it, they laugh and refer the video to their friends and it snowballs in popularity. SEO works with the same unique element that brings it above other similar websites, that might be a unique set of keywords that Google likes, really good content but it also must already have the basics. Then it gets put out to a few people, if they see the website and stay on the website Google identifies your website as relevant to whatever keywords they are searching. It pushes it up further to get more consistent results, and if more people are finding your website interesting and engaging with it Google will keep pushing it up. However, in a viral video they don’t usually feature a product, piece content, service or whatever you want people to see online. With SEO, you have lots of traffic that you know are people who are interested in what you have, but it also shows that you didn’t pay your way there. It shows you’re an authentic, trusted website that lots of people have used before, and it’s recommended by Google.

So, what are the effects of not having an outstanding SEO ranking?

If you’re selling a product, service or trying to get people to engage in your content do you think anyone who is interested in using your website would consider you if you aren’t the best? No, any consumer who you are targeting wants the best of what’s on offer. If you’re website is the 8th result to show up when “Music” is searched, that means you won’t even be considered by the first 80% of searchers, then the 20% who are still looking, might find your website interesting – whatever you have on it – but why wasn’t it number one?